3rd Russia ASEAN summit 2015


RUSSEAN Russia ASEAN Youth Association was initiated by Indonesians delegation after attending 3rd Russia ASEAN Youth Summit 2015 in Vladivostok, Russia, from 08-11 October 2015. After the summit, we had a meeting with Indonesians students in Vladivostok and we realize of the importance and the benefits to build a mutual relationship between Russia and ASEAN youth. Almost half of ASEAN population aged below 20 year old, and 22% of the population of Russia aged below 20 year old too. It is obvious that these youths are the pillar of two region. The continuity Russia and ASEANs existence and development are on their shoulder, since they are the changemakers in the future. However, there is no a platform or organization in connecting Russia and ASEAN countries before, then it brought us to proposed an idea to make a stronger relations between Russia and ASEAN through the role of youth.

We are officially established on 2 November 2015. Since then, we are committed to step by step to arrange a proposal to make a platform that can cater the interests between Russia and ASEAN youth. It might be started from a small idea, but we dare to dream big. Sixteen young passionate and talented youth from Indonesia committed to connect Russia and ASEAN by making RUSSEAN. It was never easy at first, but we dare ourselves to step out of our comfort zone to make it happens. If we can do it, we sure you all can do the same!



Alfajri Putra, is a senior student who currently studying Russian Studies in Faculty of Humanities (FIB) at University of Indonesia (UI).

He has passion in youth engagement and leadership. Since freshman, He has demonstrated his ability in leadership skills through contributions in various events and organizations such as BEM UI (Student Council Organization) and  UI MUN (Model United Nations) Club and became board of them.

He has highly interest in public speaking and debating. It brings him to several competitions and conferences such as UI delegation in IMUN (Indonesia Model United Nations) 2012, semifinalist in English Debate Competition in Student Science Olympiad Faculty of Humanities UI 2013, UI delegation in NUMUNA (Nottingham University Model United Nations Association), June 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, UI delegation in ASEAN University Youth Summit (AUYS), January 2015 in Keddah, Malaysia, and representative of Indonesia in ASEAN Japan Youth Forum, March 2015 in Bengkulu, Indonesia and Russia ASEAN Youth Summit, October 2015 in Vladivostok, Russia.

He has a big dream to become an Indonesian ambassador to one of East European countries and plans to continue his study in International Relations in Master Degree in Russia after graduated. For his career goals, He wants to serve as a lecturer or researcher with International Politics expertise. In his spare time, He enjoys reading international issues.


Reyhan have an educational background as a collegial student in Metrology and Instrumentation major which is under institution of Bandung Institute of Technology. Even though learning engineering study, Reyhan is truly interested in speaking about all particular information in accordance with international relationship matters. One of which is youth development that is a prominent focus for the next existing in the future of that we must together handle the current situation and problems. In keeping with its importance, Reyhan would extremely care to discuss over the things and affairs in all sectors and dare to put ideas in order to fulfil its aims and purposes. Enjoys reading, travelling, building good character and personality, swimming. Interested in sports, writing, love, discussing about the current topic, and learning foreign languages. Courses on French, Spanish, and English. Voluntary commit in religious and social activity.


Luqman Hakim was born in Surabaya, March 22nd 1993. His passion in education and curiosity for knowledge led him to gain entry into the faculty of economics and business University of Indonesia. During his years of study, he had won many economics and business paper competition competitions varying from national to international scopes such as 2nd winner national economics paper competition of Trisakti 2014, 2nd winner national economics paper in Undip 2014, 1st winner national public policy paper in Unpad 2014,1st winner national economics paper and also finalist best international paper held by FEB UGM 2015,  grand finalist best essay in 1st International Conference of Integrated Intellectual Community, Nurnberg Germany 2014, Winner of International Essay Writing Competition at the 7th International Symposium of Overseas Student Associations Allience, Singapore 2015 and best paper in ISAFIS Journal in University of Indonesia, 2015.  In 2015, he was appointed as one the most outstanding FEB UI students. In order to conserve his passion in leadership, he was given a position as editor in chief in Economica, the leading journalistic organization in FE UI. He also actively joined some international events to represent his country, such as Indonesia Delegate in International Development Youth Forum, Tokyo, Japan 2014 and Russian-ASEAN summit, Vladivostok, Russia, 2015.

Head of Media Management

Endinda H Krista is a student in Tarumanagara University, Communication Design major (Advertising specialization) and student in SSR Film School Jakarta focusing on Digital Music Video and Film Production.

She is experienced as a member of Tarumanagara Student Council the first 3 year of university, and was also trusted to be the head of coordinator for some events both internal and external. Now she is focusing on  doing freelance for graphic designer and brand developer. Other than that, she is really passionate for early childhood education, and youth empowerment.

Head of Research Department

Dias Khadijah Kinanthi is a graduate student at the University of Indonesia, she is undergoing a study in International Relations, majoring in Transnational Society. Previously, she had graduated with honours as an Associate of Arts in German Literature and a Bachelor of Humanities at the same University.

Her interest in humanities encourages her to explore more about world culture. Recently, she had participated in the global community development program held by AIESEC (International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences) in India and Russia.

Among the many elements in culture, she prefers the performing arts. She has notable experiences in music, dance and theatre internationally. This include being runner-up in World Choir Olympics in Busan, Korea and also runner-up in the International Marching Band Competition in Ubon Ratchatani, Thailand.

Head of Project Management

Sayed Chairul Umam was born in Lhokseumawe, Aceh. Umam is a student of Engineering Physic in Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya and has interest in engineering and sciences area specially instrumentation

control and energy engineer and also in economic and political security, social – cultural and human right issue. During his years of study, he had many organization experiences and won many competitions. He has a motto that if you have a dream then make reach the sky if ever fall will not be far from the dream

Head of External Affairs Management

Anggit Cisantra, 3rd semester student at the University of Brawijaya, Malang, Indonesia. He enrolled at the Department of Environmental Engineering. Although still in the 3rd semester, his career pretty shine at national and international levels. He has an interest in leadership and external relations.

At the national level, he currently serves as vice chairman of the regional 4 in the Indonesian Student Association of Environmental Engineering. In addition, he also received many believed in community activities. His experience at the national level are also a lot in the field of public relations and good leadership.

At the international level, his experience also shone brightly. At the beginning of January 2015 he got a chance as a participant exchange student as Global Youth Ambassador in Thailand for 6 weeks. Previously he also received international certification in piano music of the ABRSM. And in October 2015, he became one of the representatives of Indonesia in the 3rd Russia-ASEAN Youth Summit 2015 in Vladivostok, Russia.

A hope that he hoped in the future to develop a relationship between nations well. It is also still a long efforts will continue his contribution to the public interest.

Media & Publication Department Manager

Milla received her Bachelor Degree with honors from Bandung Institute of Technology majoring Urban and regional Planning. She has always enjoyed working in urban related project. She’s now currently working as advisor in Ministry of Public Works and Housing Indonesia to supervise The Implementation of Integrated Regional Infrastructure Development in strategic areas project.

Her passion in joining a new activity lead her to contribute in several project such as an initiator of Urban Motion in early 2015, a movement to create new ideas in solving mobility problem in Indonesia. She also a Co-Founder of BIK Bandung Bike Share Project, the first initiative program to develop 3rd generation system of Bike Sharing in Indonesia. Born in Bandung, made her love the city and this inspired Milla and the other fellows to make an innovation to reduce congestion through cycling and create a better environment.

Media & Publication Department Manager

Yusuf Firdaus Ramadhan. An Indonesian native, born in small town in Semarang, Central Java and living in South Jakarta. Student of Jakarta Islamic State University, studying at International Relation major since 2013. Also, now studying at Russian Studies, University of Indonesia since 2014. The double major support each other for further view of Eastern Europe, especially Russia. Interested in traveling, social networking, music, and motorcycling activities.

Coordinator of Economy & Politics

Ilham Arfakhsadz Putra is currently pursuing his Bachelor Degree in Faculty of Law in University of Indonesia as a second year student, majoring in International Law. During his sophomore year in high school, Ilham won several award on these competition, including 1st Winner of Economic Research Paper in 14th Economic Competition at Faculty of Economics University of Indonesia, 1st Winner of Enviromental Paper in World Water Day Competetion held by Faculty of Engineering University of Indonesia, and 5th place in Regional Youth Speech Competition South Jakarta. He is also fluent in Russian and Ukrainian, both verbally and writing skills. Since his junior high school year, he developed his interest in politics and foreign policy. Currently, he is serving as the Vice General Secretary for Research, Development and Training for Cadre in Islamic Student Association commisariat Faculty of Law University of Indonesia, and Department of Research and Strategic Action in University of Indonesia Student Executive Body, serving as one of it’s staff.  His passion in foreign policy has also made him one of the delegates of upcoming International Conference in June held by Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia which is founded by Dr. Dino Patti Djalal.

Coordinator of Society & Cultures

Ismi Raisa Hilda Rusydi is a student of Brawijaya University, and her major is Anthropology. She had some experiences in organizations: HIMANTARA (Himpunan Mahasiswa Antropologi Brawijaya) in 2011-2012 as Member of Publishing Divison and in 2012-2013 as Vice Chairman of the Public Service Divison, IAAS (International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences) LC UB in 2011 as Team Member of HRD. She had a variety of research experiences in the field of anthropology and ethnography, and she had experiences as surveyor and observer in 2013 & 2014 with MNC Media Research and IRC (Indonesia Research Centre). She had internship program in Malang City Regional Parliament in 2014. Her passion is writing articles or journal about ethnography and anthropology.

Project Manager

Muhammad Fareza is marine engineer recent graduate which specialize in fluid management and computational fluid dynamics. He achieved his bachelor degree from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya and Hochschule Wismar, Germany. He is a member of Institution of Marine Engineering Science and Technology (ImarEST) and a former member of AIESEC. With a lot of engineering and organization experiences, he is striving to pursue his study while expanding his network. He is now working in project department of RUSSEAN (Russia-ASEAN Youth Organization) and doing engineering freelance job.

Project Manager

Bagus Anugerah Yoga Pratomo is a third semester student majoring Dutch Studies Program in Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Indonesia. Born in Bontang, East Borneo in July 20th , 1995. Since high school, he has taken a role in Kerohanian Islam of OSIS SMA Yayasan Pupuk Kaltim as its president in 2011-2012. In campus life, he has taken roles as committee in BaktiSosial FIB UI 2014 and Rumah Edukasi Ciliwung by Departemen Sosial Masyarakat of Forum Amal dan Studi Islam (Formasi) FIB UI. He has a strong interest both in research and social field. Now Bagus is an active member of Kelompok Studi Mahasiswa (KSM) Eka Prasetya UI. With KSM Eka Prasetya UI, Bagus has conducted a research with topic Analisis Pendapatan pada Nelayan Bagan di Desa Sarangtiung, Kecamatan Pulau Laut Utara, Kabupaten Kotabaru, Kalimantan Selatan.

Project Manager
External Affairs Manager


Ilmi Navianti Rusydi is a student of Social Anthropology at University of Brawijaya. She is a Member of Journalist Anthropology University of Brawijaya and also a Member of Students Association Anthropology Brawijaya. She likes to write or do the research and also distribute news from current information. Research is a creative work to increase stock of kwonledge, including knowledge of human, culture and society. Her passion to read the journals of anthropology lead her to always try to analyze and do the research. Ilmi also like to explore world in every community, especially in the phenomena of political as well as social and cultural. She prefer to do job that related to the journalist and writing, especially writing ethnographic works. Become a public relations in organizations is one of her passion that she finds enjoyable.

External Affairs Manager

Gisela Luigi Septiana is a student from Brawijaya University and her major is Communication studies. She had some experience in organization; member of AIESEC LC UB in 2011 and had experience with GIP Rising competition and marketing training with ASTRA International project. She ever worked in insurance company; Prudential insurance and internship in Ministry of foreign affairs Republic of Indonesia. her passion is writing article, news, journal, short story, and novel.



Creating an advanced Russia-ASEAN relation
through the focus on development of the youth
and enrichment in programs.


Encourage mutual understanding between Russia and ASEAN.

Promoting the knowledge
about Russia and ASEAN.

Providing information relating to Russia and ASEAN youth.

Providing media platform
for Russia and ASEAN youth.

Encourage stronger and closer
cooperation between Russia and ASEAN youth.

Maintaining and expanding network between Russia and ASEAN youth.













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